How About a Little Math?

This weekend is 33% shorter than last weekend. Last (school) week was 33% longer than the first week, and next week will be 25% longer than this past week. We’ve only been in school for SEVEN days, though it seems like we’ve been there for much longer!

We did some more team-building and cooperative challenges this week, as well as creating a visual representation and a poem about who each student is. Students began work for Health/FACS, including creating a SMART Goal and a 50-item bucket list. On Friday, students learned a little bit more about the events of September 11, 2001.

This week, we will start a routine schedule. There may be changes. There will be three classes on Maroon days and two classes and PE/FL on White days. Which classes are on which days will vary for each student. Every day will begin with CORE, and it will end with SOAR time. Soon, there will be some options during SOAR time, but for now, it will be an opportunity to read quietly or work on any assignments. This is also a time when Band and Chorus will meet. Teachers are working on extended learning opportunities for students to choose from.  This week, we hope to have an opportunity for all students to go to the library for the first time. Also, students will begin to have some homework, including reading for at least 30 minutes per night.

Students will need their Apple IDs and passwords ASAP. There is another Parent-Student-iPad night on Tuesday, 9/15 from 6-8pm in the cafeteria, and you can contact our technology department for help.


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